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Why You Should Replace Your Shower Screens

modern bathroom

Are you tired of mundane showers and lacklustre bathroom aesthetics? Say goodbye to uninspiring bathing experiences and hello to a world of elegance and functionality with replacement shower screens from Fraser Glaze. Dive into the realm of shower screen replacement as we explore how our premium glass solutions can transform your bathroom into a luxurious […]

A Gardener’s Guide To Greenhouse Glass

greenhouse in garden

Are you a passionate gardener seeking to revolutionise your greenhouse experience? Dive into the world of greenhouse glass replacement with Fraser Glaze. Discover how our premium glass options can elevate not only the aesthetics of your greenhouse but also the health and growth of your cherished plants. Shielding Your Plants from Harm In the ever-changing […]

Enhance Your Stove With Quality Replacement Glass

wood burning stove

Are you in need of stove glass replacement? Look no further! At Fraser Glaze, we understand the importance of safety, aesthetics, and functionality when it comes to your stove. Our replacement glass not only enhances the safety of your stove but also offers custom cut options to fit your specific needs, all while refreshing the […]

Glazing: Single, Double, And Triple – What’s The Difference?

Contemporary Overhanging Glazed Room With Balcony in Talog

As quality glaziers, we have many different types of glass products on offer. Typically, glass isn’t the most insulating material you can have in your property. However, they are essential to many homes and businesses. Modern advancements mean that they offer more heat retention than ever. So, what is the difference between single, double, and […]

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