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Glazing: Single, Double, And Triple – What’s The Difference?

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As quality glaziers, we have many different types of glass products on offer. Typically, glass isn’t the most insulating material you can have in your property. However, they are essential to many homes and businesses. Modern advancements mean that they offer more heat retention than ever. So, what is the difference between single, double, and triple glazing?

Single Glazing

This type of unit consists of just one pane of glass. Windows like this are typically found in older homes. However, the latest improvements by glaziers means that there are many strong and durable single pane options available today.

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Quality Glaziers: Double Glazing

As suggested by its name, double glazing consists of two panes of glass together in a sealed unit. The space in between the panes is used to trap heat and slow down its escape. Usually, the two pieces of glass are separated by a pocket of argon gas. This extra barrier between the inside and outside makes all the difference.

As glaziers, we know that this is a popular choice for many homes and businesses as it offers better heat retention qualities than a singular pane. When the heating is turned on in a building, it wont escape straight out of windows. This is great news for your energy bill as it will save you money in the long run

Triple Glazing

Finally, triple glazing involves the use of three panes in one unit. When investing in quality units, this is the most efficient type of glass. It works the same as double glazing but with the addition of another pane, resulting in excellent insulation. As professional glaziers, we have plenty of experience with triple glazed units and can recommend that they are one of the best options for your home or business.

The more panes in a sealed unit, the better the benefits. Here are just a few more of the advantages of quality glazing:

Triple Glazing
  • Prevents heat loss
  • Causes less condensation
  • Reduces noise
  • More secure
  • May increase property value

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